City of Centreville, Alabama
1270 Walnut Street, Centreville, Alabama 35042
Phone (205) 926-4995  Fax (205) 926-5443
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Visiting Centreville
The City of Centreville wants to provide its visitors with important information that will assist you during your visit to Centreville.  We have several banks located in Centreville that offer ATM services.  The City  has a variety of restaurants located throughout the city.  If you are having mechanical trouble our local shops are available for repairs and towing. During your visit if you find yourself with a medical emergency our Bibb Medical Center can provide you with excellent medical care, a range of services and physicians, a nursing home facility, and senior housing.  

Wallace's Restaurant
J & S Drugs Lunch Counter

First U.S. Bank
First Financial Bank

Bibb Medical Center & Nursing Home
208 Pierson Avenue
Centreville, AL 35042

Kevin Bolding, DVM

Mechanics/Car Repair
English Auto and Truck Repair
Odom's Body Shop
Bibb Starter/Alternator Repair
Ted’s Tire Service
Pate’s Auto Body Shop
T&T Tire & Auto Repair