City of Centreville, Alabama
1270 Walnut Street, Centreville, Alabama 35042
Phone (205) 926-4995  Fax (205) 926-5443
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Police Department
Centreville Police Department
1254 Walnut Street
Centreville, AL 35042

Michael R. Nichols
Chief of Police

1977 - Started law enforcement with the Perry County Sheriff's Department in Marion, Alabama.

1980 - Voted outstanding law enforcement officer of the year for Marion, Alabama

1981 - President, Marion Fraternal Order of Police

1982 - Employed by the City of Centreville as Police Chief 

1989 - President, Bibb County Fraternal Order of Police

2005 - Elected President of the Alabama Police Chief Association

2009 - Voted outstanding Fraternal Order of Police member for Alabama

  • Retired with 25 years from the Alabama National Guard Military Police
  • Visiting instructor with the Alabama Police Academy
  • Longest serving Police Chief in the State of Alabama

Police Officers
  • Pat Northcutt
  • James Browning
  • Jay Cromer
  • Jim Gray
  • Rodney Smith

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