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Brent-Centreville Library

Books For Sale
By Library
Make checks payable to Brent-Centreville Library.

Cemeteries of Bibb County - $25.00
Echoes of Six Mile - $25.00
Haysop Church - $25.00
First One Hundred Years - $29.00
1850 Perry Co Census - $12.00
1860 Perry Co Census - $12.00
1860 Kemper Co Ms Census - $12.00
West Blocton - $42.00

Books For Sale
By Friends of the Library
Make checks payable to Brent-Centreville Friends of the Library.

Place Names of Bibb Co - $7.00
Bibb Co Heritage - $64.80

Books For Sale
By Centreville Historic Preservation Commission
Make checks payable to CHPC.

Images of America, Bibb County - $21.99
Modern Brent-Centreville Library serves both cities in the southern part of Bibb County. The community library was first organized in 1949, housed in the Brent City Hall,  and staffed by Brent Study Club volunteers. The library hired its first librarian in 1956. In 1973 a tornado destroyed most of Brent, including the library. It was later rebuilt at its present location on land provided by the City of Centreville. Jointly owned by Brent & Centreville, and centrally located, the current library building was occupied in 1982. Our Library is used by people from throughout the region. It is especially known for its excellent genealogical reference section.

20 Library Street
Centreville, AL 35042

(205) 926-4736

Tracy Griffin

Hours (call library)

Board of Directors
The Brent-Centreville Library is managed by a Board of Directors appointed by the Mayors of Brent and Centreville. The current Board consists of:
  • Beth Downs 
  • Jim Oakley Jr.
  • Dexine James (Chairperson)
  • Dina Pow
  • Judy Riser

Friends of the Library
The Friends are a non-profit (tax exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code)  volunteer auxilliary group that assists and supports the Librarian & the Board of Directors with planning, fund raising, and service projects. Current active members include:

  • Madelyn Hobson (President)
  • Pam Cottingham
  • Jan Jamison
  • Mildred McGrew
  • Nita Owings