City of Centreville, Alabama
1270 Walnut Street, Centreville, Alabama 35042
Phone (205) 926-4995  Fax (205) 926-5443
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City Council

City Council Members

  • District 1 - Kenny Hicks
  • District 2 - Don Mack 
  • District 3 -  Matthew Thomas
  • District 4 -  Dianne Epperson
  • District 5 - Calvin Elliott
  • City Clerk -  Stephanie Scott

Regular Meetings

The Centreville City Council meets on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month at 5 pm at the Centreville City Hall.

Special Meetings

Notice of specially called meetings are posted on the City Hall bulletin board in accordance with the Alabama Public Meetings Act. 

Conduct of Meetings

Meetings of the City Council are conducted using Roberts Rules of Order. Regular Meetings are open to the press and the public. Anyone wishing or desiring to address the council must request to be on the council agenda prior to the meeting.

Any meeting held in Executive Session is private and is closed to the public and the press.