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Under the authority granted by the Constitution of Alabama the City Council adopted a Zoning Ordinance. The first Zoning Ordinance was adopted in 1981. The Council adopted a new Zoning Ordinance which went into effect on June 1, 2014, updating and replacing the 1981 Ordinance.  Zoning Ordinances are intended as a tool to plan progressive growth, preserve the character of neighborhoods, protect property values, and provide for the safety of the public. 

The Zoning Ordinance should be consulted before:

  • commencing any new residential or commercial construction 
  • planning the location of any new business or changing the use of any current business location
  • placing a mobile home, storage shed, or garage on zoned property
  • installing a swimming pool
  • adding on to existing buildings

The burden of complying with the Zoning Ordinance falls on the property owner. A building or structure that does not comply with the Zoning Ordinance may have to be removed, at the expense of the owner. ​A copy of the current zoning ordinance is available at City Hall or by clicking on the link below.